Mallikais now a renowned name in the field of Emcees rising from the cultural grounds of Lucknow. Sophisticated style suiting the profile events and the grace of the event is her apex entourage with the captivating smile and on the spot active anchoring skills.
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There are many but rare are the masters with grace and charm with panache in the world of professional anchoring. Presenting to you Mallika Srivastava with more than 4 years of experience and successfully handling more than 700 shows as Master of ceremonies. As the name says, the queen of the stage beholds panache and delivers quality with each presentation/ceremony. This enabled her to work with reputed firms and brands’ including Government shows which are highly prestigious and award winning performances as well. Graceful, elegant, charming, poised, energetic and suave in performance,




As a professional voiceover artist Mallika exactly know how to bring life to a tiresome script with her pious and cheerful voice. She is an experienced voice over artist with a smooth professional delivery; her voice is authoritative yet warm and friendly perfect for TV and Radio shows. Mallika Srivastava specializes in matching the vocal attitude to the message.




Putting forefronta highly motivational and inspiring event is her speciality. She is a livewire on the Stage who brings dynamic energy which is infectious with the crowd with her energetic performance & poised voice on stage she can instantly connects with thousands of screaming fans. With a long way to proceed in life,Mallika Srivastava attains the height of success in the field of professional anchoring and live presenter.